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Project Description

Printing Web Design Gibraltar Masbro

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Client brief

Masbro is a relatively new local client for us with a brief to develop the brand and increase it’s profile in the marketplace.
We updated their branding giving it a more modern feel. From there we created signage for a new shop opening in Main Street and organised a PR launch. A new advertising campaign was developed for both generic and specific products. Promotional giveaways were also sourced and produced. Most recently we have been working on a new Masbro website which is modern and easy to use and is responsive on all platforms.

Printing Web Design Gibraltar Masbro

Mixed marketing

The use of a number of media both above and below the line including PR, advertising in local media, promotional items and specific product leaflets.

Excellent Results

We have developed a strong working relationship with the client in a relatively short period of time. We respond quickly and creatively to his needs. With a moderate budget the brand has been strengthened and developed in the local marketplace.